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Eye Exams

Q: What are the components that make up an Eye Exam?

A: Most people believe a test that results in a prescription for glasses or contacts makes up an eye exam. Although this prescription is an important component in an exam, a true comprehensive exam evaluates your visual processing abilities, ocular motor function, vasculature and blood supply, nerve function and overall ocular health. This allows us to identify many neurological or system health conditions that may be present and help maintain your vision for years to come.

Medical Testing & Procedures

Q: What medical testing do you offer?

A: We now have the ability to use extremely precise modern technology to study many components of your eyes. This can range from microscopic testing of your ocular surface (Dry Eye), to 3D imaging of your cornea (Keratoconus), and multi-thousand scans of your retina (Macular Degeneration)! This allows us to better diagnose, treat, and plan how to better care for your specific conditions.

Q: What procedures can be performed in office?

A: Minor outpatient surgical procedures

  • Corneal debridement, foreign body removal, laceration repair, lacrimal irrigation (D&I), dry eye therapies, skin lesion removal, punctal plugs, amniotic grafts, etc

Myopia Control & Pediatrics

Q: What is Myopia Control?

A: More info coming soon.


Q: What is a consultation?

A: More info coming soon.

Virtual Services

At DeNovo Eye we aim to serve our patients the best we possibly can. With our current on-the-go lifestyle and social-distancing precautions, we don’t always have time to visit the office. We utilize a virtual telehealth system that allows you to communicate with us in the comfort of your own home or office via video and voice! (Facetime, Zoom, etc)


Q: What is an Eye Emergency?

A: Injuries, trauma, red eyes, painful eyes, foreign bodies, sudden loss of vision, pressure around or behind the eye, floaters, and flashes of light are all symptoms that need immediate evaluation.

We welcome any emergency eye care you may need. Whether it’s through our virtual telehealth services or after-hours accommodation, we are here to serve you and your family.

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